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Oct 22, 2017

In This Episode, James Raiz (@boxofficeartist) and Jonathan Encarnacion (@jonencar) discuss how much money one can make as an artist in different Art fields, such as Comic Books, Animation, Visual Effects and Video Games.

The BoxOfficeArtist Podcast is co-hosted by James Raiz, owner of the youtube channel, who has worked 17 years as a professional artist, starting off as a comic book artist working for Marvel, DC & Image Comics, then as a 3D Modeler, Digital Matte Painter & Concept Artist on major Hollywood Films such as Watchmen, Percy Jackson & Fast & Furious 7.

It is also co-hosted by Jonathan Encaracion who has worked as a comic book insider, writer and reviewer for various Comic Websites.

This podcasts is for amature and professional artists in any art field, or for anyone who has any interest in art.

***note, the salaries discussed in the podcast is determined from James' experience in the art industries.

The information about comic book art rates came from this website:

We do not endorse this page or am affiliated in anyway - the numbers they presented made sense to me which is why we shared it.

Every artist has different experience working in various art fields, so the information in this video is subjective, from opinion and does not necessarily represent the current state of the art business.