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Dec 8, 2021

Jim Zub is mostly known for his work as a comic book writer. He's had a longer run on IDW's "Dungeons & Dragons" than any other writer; currently, he's writing "Avengers Tech-On", a fun Marvel x Bandai series. He's written on Marvel's "Thunderbolts", "Uncanny Avengers", and the main "Avengers" book; his creator-owned titles "Skullkickers" and "Wayward" have met critical acclaim, winning YALSA and Harvey awards, respectively.

Less known is that Jim is also a professor of animation at Toronto's Seneca College, providing support and inspiration for new generations of visual artists. Overall, Jim loves what he does, both as a writer and a professor. How did Jim's journey bring him to these two respectable positions? Interestingly, Jim tells us that where he ended up isn't necessarily where he planned to be when starting out. In this interview, we explore what Jim has learned along the way. Then, given his qualifications, we ask him the question: Is school necessary? The answer may surprise you.